Monday, March 7, 2011

"Lets Get Personal" Week

It is rare for me to talk about my crime and never do I mention my victim. This isn't out of any desire to conceal my guilt, or to spin myself in your estimation. Rather, it is because it is incredibly difficult to talk about these things. Telling you about my daily life or commenting upon the collective stupidities that comprise the edifice of "criminal justice" is far, far easier.
I never talk about my victim, or his family and friends. That would be grossly insensitive as well as being stupendously arrogant. How could I ever presume to speak about what they may feel? How could I even think that there is anything of meaning that I could ever say to them? And the Editors both here, and at Facebook, have taken the policy of deleting any comments that name my victim. That I may be happy to bare myself to the public eye doesn't mean that my victim’s family want the same. It is not for me to drag them into the public, and add even more distress to their situation.


  1. It was a tragic, tragic thing that happened all those years ago Ben, but this post conveys such remorse and humility. Your spirit shines through these words and reminds me why I do what I do. Thank you for sharing with us and God bless.

  2. I agree with Jules, but I suspect that the taking of a life is something that will always live with you. Unfortunately that is what the media fixate on and not the 30 years of non violence you have adhered to since that tragic event.

    I have every sympathy for victim's families, and respect your attempts to keep names out of things.

  3. The burden you endure and the terrible loss that resulted from your action makes me feel very sorry for everyone all round.

    But you have paid a price Ben.

    Only love gets you through, only love. Love can conquer hate. It is better to live with love in your heart than harbor any amount of hate.

    Hate is a destructive force and will cause harm if left to fester or grow, it will cause harm to either another or to yourself.

    So to all concerned here; indeed to us all, clean up your heart and make love your goal.

    Best wishes.

  4. I agree with all the above and respect you Ben for being sensitive and thoughtful about this. If the victim's family wish to make any comments they could do so here - let that decision rest with them and do not change your stance on this. They, as well as you, are in our hearts.

  5. Indeed tragic, that an unrepresentative moment by a child, should define most of the life of the man. And if it was representative, who would choose to be their friend?

    Our ancestors, who were no strangers to personal violence, had the capacity and foresight, to enter into law the condition that: to be a crime, there must be cause to believe that it was intended.

    These days, in Marxist-Feminist Britain, the crime is 'being male', with the proof of any felony, a mere bureaucratic inconvenience toward the inevitable conviction.

    As a corollary, consider Theresa Riggi, who with malice aforethought, terminated three children in her care. I bet she will be free within a year; then rich with the sale of a tell-all book entitled: "how I survived my personal hell of being a dumped wife; and retrained as a gas technician."

  6. Why do you feel persecuted by women JimmyGiro? Why not tell your story Jimmy, get it off your chest?

    You use any and every opportunity here to twist and fire a distorted and paranoid view of the world being run by man hating 'marxist-feminists'.

    Although I do feel sorry for you Jimmy, I'd rather spend my time here on the issues that Ben is facing.

  7. It was a truly horrific event and something that you will have to carry with you in your conscience for the rest of your life which to me would be a life sentence in its self. You may have paid the price to the public with 30 years of your life in prison but now carry on with it inside you till the day you die and to me that would be the real life sentence.All you can do is carry on with your crime free life and show people that all those years ago was a big mistake in your life that as never been repeated and never will be.Good luck Ben for the future ,take care my friend.