Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Ghostly Presence

My return wasn't met with a red carpet or rousing cheers. That was always unlikely! And the screws who were happy to laugh behind my back when I was stranded haven't had the balls to say anything to my face, the heroes.
Everyone knows I'm only here temporarily, which leaves me semi-detached. My credit rating is obviously crap, and I am separate from the many connections that we forge between each other, as in any society.
This leaves me slightly adrift, a ghostly presence wandering the landings. I am both present, yet only partly. The sooner I move, the better.


  1. Hopefully a move out of Shepton will arrive for you sooner rather than later, but to be on the safe side, prepare yourself for a long haul.

    With the situation as you describe (sounds very difficult) maybe you could use this temporary position to lose yourself in something you may not have tried before, like art or craft for example (or poetry?).

    Not sure what materials there is available at Shepton, for drawing though you only need some pencils and blank paper.

    To get started, find an image of something that inspires you that you might like to draw yourself, then meditate for a while on the blank sheet of paper, then start your drawing.

    Art and craftwork are the only things that get me through life when I feel like a spare part or feel like I am going spare.

    All the very best Ben, hope you see some good progress soon xx

  2. Dont' let the events of the past few weeks, and all its negativity bring you down, or allow it to isolate you. You are, after all a 'fully paid up member of the awkward squad' (thanks to Jailhouselawyer here) surprise them all by getting on with the important stuff.

    "Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." —Janis Joplin

  3. "The most anxious person in a prison is the governor" (George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950) And although I don't especially agree with that quote in its most literal sense, I have to say, on this one, (Bens current situation) I'm with George!


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