Friday, March 4, 2011

Fickle Politics

The Labour victory in 1997 left me rather unmoved. I did borrow a TV to stay up to watch the results come through, laughing like a loon as I struck out all the Tories who had served as Prison Minister during my time.
But I didn't take to Blair. No one should be that smarmy. But it was two specific things pushed him beyond my pale. The first was his dodgy deal with Bernie Ecclestone to exempt Formula 1 from the ban on tobacco advertising. As a die-hard Fl fan I think Fl should be exempt from just about all laws except those of physics, but it was the slipperiness of this episode that made me wrinkle my nose.
What put the lid on it, though, was Humphrey the cat. Granted, Humph may have picked up Tory tendencies whilst serving under Thatcher, but that was no excuse for treating him badly. I never trust anyone who can't take the time to be nice to a cat.
It's a dubious measure of political sophistication, I know. But at least Cameron has the political nous to obtain a new cat. That buys him a little more time in my book. Just.


  1. Your comment about Blair made me laugh. I can't bring myself to support the political party that I would probably otherwise favour because their candidate comes off as massively less trustworthy than the average used car salesman (though I admit, I don't know his policy on cats.) I'm not sure if it was Blair's manner or his F1 policies that made him seem smarmy to you, but regardless I think it's a fairly common problem among politicians.

  2. Cameron didn't get a cat because he loves cats or was sad that Humphrey got kicked out, or for a sympathy vote. No, he got a cat because of the rat infestation at no. 10.

    Hopefully that Cameron won't last nearly as long as Blair aka Bliar (notoriously known as on account of wmd's and Iraq) because he keeps bleeding the ordinary people dry, of their pay, their jobs and services.

    Presumably he is doing this because he suffers from a lack of blood in his veins

  3. Poor Humphrey, not to Cherie's liking! I love cats, they each have a distinct personality, I've found. But having mentored young offenders and worked with very challenging young people, it makes me chuckle sometimes that even my cat, who looked so fluffy and sweet when he was chosen at Cats Protection, turned out to be very naughty indeed! But I wouldn't swap him. :) Long live Larry, yes he does show there is another side to Mr Cameron!

  4. Sophie J - it's not a lack of blood. It's a lack of cash. All those ordinary jobs that Blair Brown 'created' were paid for not out of tax receipts but on borrowed money. By May 2010 overspending had reached £500 million per day - fact.

    It's quite legitimate to argue that you should for example cut nursing care for the elderly instead of closing childrens care homes but that this crippling overspend must be cut is essential.

    If we were to carry on like Blair/Brown did for any longer the debt mountain would devastate us like it has Ireland - industry in collapse, housing worth half what it was 3 Yrs ago, no jobs for kids leaving school causing mass emmigration of talent and a debt that has to be paid off at ruinous rates.

  5. We were in much more debt after the 2nd world war Jim and yet there was social expansion. The issue of debt is an excuse to make ordinary people pay for something that the bankers and their friends in government created. Why spend on killing machines and arms rather than welfare? Simple, money is other peoples blood and the likes of Cameron do not use services like the NHS, ordinary schools and the rest, they just need our blood (the things that we rely on and use), and they try to get it by making us think that its all about money or debt so that we give it to them freely. Its known as politrickary. Never has this been so obvious than it is now under pale face Cameron.

    Incidently there are now plans afoot to privatise the blood transfusion service. Case in point.

  6. @ Infamous

    Excellently put, I couldnt agree more.

  7. Infamous - all good Daily Mirror stuff but not close to true. I am afraid the Govt/Banking conspiracy did happen but in the Lab years. Look up fractional reserve banking and you will work out why Gordy was able to sucker so many into thinking he had created prosperity from thin air. The national debt is roughly similar to after ww2 agreed but no world war. A massively bloated state sector - way bigger than post ww2 and no ability to cut back spending on defence to extent it was after war. Actually Cameron does use NHS and state school system. Anything else?

  8. That Eton boy Cameron?

  9. 'I never trust anyone who can't take the time to be nice to a cat.'

    My sentiments exactly :).

    If the Cameron Cat was brought in to deal with the rat problem it hasn't worked yet cos Osbourne is still kicking about!

  10. "If the Cameron Cat was brought in to deal with the rat problem it hasn't worked yet cos Osbourne is still kicking about!"

    True that Gaina, lol!

    Cats are lovely creatures, I adore them too.