Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ben just called from HMP Cardiff.  Nothing has changed and he is still on hunger strike.

His solicitor rang me earlier and told me that they are going to move him tomorrow to another Cat C.  However, Ben has not yet been informed of this move. He assured me that if he is told of a possible impending transfer he will start eating again - even it it means "eating a biscuit in reception."

Thank you for all your support.  Please keep it up and hopefully we will have some good news in the morning.


  1. Let's hope. I imagine this has been an excruciating time for you, Blog Ed. Our thoughts are with you, too.

  2. Well said Charles

    I think Michael Spurr is drowning in emails, as is Crispin Blunt. Well done again to Don Baker on the phone @ HMP Cardiff, he was extremely proffessional and courteous

    Can I ask if you know why he is going to another Cat C and not Cat D as per his parole decision?

    I have asked the question of Michael Spurr, but he has not had the courtesy to respond yet. I dont intend to stop emailing until he does.

  3. Well said queenie! I feel another flurry of emails coming on. We pay their wages, after all.


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