Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Contemporary Life

The astute reader will note that whilst I cheerfully describe -some - of my own contemporary activities, the people around me rarely get a mention. My egomania aside, this is something I struggle with.

If I were to begin to describe those around me, and retell their tales, then it would be incredibly easy for staff to join the dots and make positive identifications. The last thing I would want is for something I wrote to be used as ammunition against any of my peers. We know that the blog is monitored by Security Group in Prison Service Headquarters.

This does deprive us of a very rich source of entertainment, and I wish it were otherwise. The best I presently feel able to do is extrapolate from my peers experiences, use the contemporary as a base for a broader point or as a prompt for a past experience which has the same elements. Although as I feel more able, the bods around me may well make guest appearances, when possible.


  1. Having read your blog for a while now, I think that providing experiences of your peers,(as you see them or as they portray themselves), without specific details is the right way to go. I think long term readers get the gist but not the person, (if that makes sense).

    At least no-one gets thier backsides kicked for the time being.

    I also agree that when you are confident of no/little comeback then guest appearences can only further the understanding of myself and other inexperienced onlookers. Blimey, some of us are probably voyeurs anyway.



  2. Stories based on prisoners who have been released may be another way to go.


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