Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Bob fell and broke his leg, badly, and was carted off to hospital. Ten minutes later, as we were being fed, someone asked the screws who was getting Bob's dinner..?
This strain of ruthlessness over limited resources is a permanent feature of prison life, and not a pleasant one. If a man dies, the first question is whether that effects our being unlocked for association, instantly followed by who’s getting his cell?

This isn't merely a feature of heartless bastards trying to get an edge. It is also a way to distance ourselves from the misfortune suffered and the unfortunate soul. That said, it really looks awful when trying to explain this to outsiders...!


  1. i expect prison humour is as dark as army humour.

  2. Someone told me the difference between men and women. When a female prisoner hanged herself. She said the female prisoners were very upset in the morning. When a male prsioner hanged himself the next week the male prisoners asked 'who gets his sausage for breakfast'!.

  3. mad albert as black as gallows humour.


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