Thursday, October 28, 2010

We’re all doomed!

There comes a moment when a critical mass is reached, and having learned that a thoroughly decent bloke here is added to the list of those being ravaged by cancer, that point is now. We are having an outbreak of bloody cancer!

For the regular readers, I can tell you that the original Cancer Boy is doing reasonably well. He looks obscenely healthy most days and we mock him, saying if he wants our sympathy he should look far worse! The entity devouring his internals has undergone a couple of rounds of chemo and whilst refusing to surrender, has not grown worse of late. The diagnosis remains terminal, but the date of the memorial service has become rather more fluid.

My own tests, exploring my fractious prostate, kidneys and now liver, continue.
It is the nightmare of many lifers to suffer from a major illness and, worse, to suffer the final indignity of dying in captivity. The prison service makes some effort to avoid that eventuality, with many spending their last days in a hospice. Please don't mistake this for compassion. If a prisoner dies in custody, there are official investigations. Chuck him on the street to die and the institution is free and clear. Cynicism comes with this sentence, I'm afraid.

And since the Al Magrahi and Ronnie Biggs fiascos, terminal both but clinging on endlessly, Jack Straw changed the rules for compassionate release. Being about to die isn't enough any more. Now you also have to demonstrate that remaining in prison actively damages your health. Um, how do you do that? And why should dying prisoners have to pay the price for Jack's political embarrassment?


  1. I do hope your tests will indicate there is nothing seriously wrong for you Ben. It must be upsetting to hear someone else is ill, but I'm sure you will support him all you can. Compassion is a quality that is so often sadly lacking in this cruel world of ours, but as individuals we can all make a positive difference to those around us if we choose to.

  2. Hey Ben you can be colon boy and he can be cancer boy like batman and robin!

  3. Bummer (no pun intended).

    New poster, although have been reading a while. Maybe there is something to look at in terms of (long term) prison diet perchance? (although admittedly genetics plays a part) Especially if it contributes to your degree.

  4. The Magrahi and Biggs fiascos always did make me mad - of course they hung (and are hanging) on longer than expected after release: they weren't in prison any more! That doesn't mean there was some sort of crazy conspiracy to get them out, it's just what happens when you take someone from a hopeless and miserable place and put them somewhere more comfortable close to their family and friends.

    It shouldn't be too difficult to prove that staying inside is worsening an illness, but it will take time that such people don't have and that's why it was one of the last evil directives from a man who made a habit of them.


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