Saturday, October 9, 2010

Any Answers? Part One

1. What does Ben think he would be doing with his life if "that day" hadn't happened? (Anon)

It’s a strange thought, but being imprisoned has lifted me outside of the normal social structures and limited horizons. Without being in prison, the expectations and horizons I would have been confined within were firmly of the council estate. University was unheard of in our street, or my family.

Any life presents its own particular hurdles and opportunities. The one I have lived has forced me to examine my existence in ways that would otherwise have been irrelevant. It has also provided particular opportunities.

It's impossible to guess what my life would have been...but my future, oddly, seems to contain more opportunities and potential than my previous one.


  1. People from council estates can be the nicest and cleverest people in the world.

    Best wishes for the future Ben.

  2. I guess "If" doesn't exist for any of us. Even out here.

  3. clever and educated aren't necessarily the same thing are they?!


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