Monday, October 11, 2010

Any Answers? cont...

2. Are you a virgin? (Anon)
Nope. I am no longer allowed to work alongside female staff, such is my reputation for seduction... This is terrible slur on my reputation!

3. What proportion of people in prison claim to be innocent, what proportion genuinely are, can you tell which is which and how? (King Queen)

The proportion of innocent to guilty varies from nick to nick, but even the most cynical of observers - such as myself - accepts that the criminal justice system does manage to lock up mostly guilty people.

I have my own personal method for judging a man's claim of innocence. Is he prepared to suffer for his stance? In the case of Lifers, if a man continues to maintain his innocence past the ten year mark, he is either insane - or innocent. Because his stance leads to him being denied progression to release.

Talk is cheap, and people do claim innocence. Maybe they are truthful, maybe not. But if alongside their protestations they actively campaign and assert their claim, then I am more likely to give their claim credence. Not that my opinion matters a damn! And I recommend the organisation Miscarriages of Justice UK (MOJUK) for further information.

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