Saturday, October 2, 2010

Heart Attack

Civilian nurses were being introduced into prisons, overturning the reign of indifferently trained prison staff. This meant pretty nurses! The length of the "sick parade" on my wing was directly related to whether a certain blonde nurse was on duty.

For reasons lost in the depths of time, I was shuffled in front of the Doctor to have my pulse and blood pressure taken. As he prodded away, I couldn't help but let my eyes drift past him to the nurse sitting in front of me. And the fact her uniform had ridden up to expose a vast expanse of very nice thigh.

What I thought was unobtrusive perving was captured by the Doc's measurements. My pulse rate had shot up to the degree that I left with a diagnosis of palpitations and a prescription for beta-blockers!

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  1. "What I thought was unobtrusive perving..."

    Can anybody recall when heterosexuality first became regarded as perverted?

    The answer could tell us a whole lot about our present society, and when it became deranged.


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