Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Risky Job.

Every nick has a con who labours under the title of being "the video rep". Before in-cell TV, this was the guy tasked with providing suitable entertainment on the communal telly, sourcing videos and recording the stuff we missed through being banged up.

With the provision of in-cell TV, this job has now morphed into being in charge of a single channel. We have 9 channels, plus a spare. The "video rep" has access to the digi-box and its myriad Freeview channels, and selects from these what is piped through to the spare channel.

It is a thoroughly unrewarding job, on the basis that you can't please all the people, and in some nicks being video rep carries genuine physical risk. Not in this backwater, though. Just as well, as the job is about to be vacated and I'm thinking of applying. It's an extra three quid a week.

Anyone want to take bets on how long I will survive if I follow my natural inclinations and opt for BBC4 and the Parliament Channel?


  1. Don't do it Ben! It doesn't bear thinking about!

  2. If none of the nine other channels have no educational merit (which would be a failing on the part of the Prison Service) the you should definitely do it. Especially as nine channels of mindless junk should be enough for anybody

  3. Do you have access to the digital radio station through your radios? If not, may I recommend sticking it on 6 music once in a while. That station is the mutt's.


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