Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Suspect

There was a bloke on the wing who we thought was a grass. But how to flush him out?
Nicking a sheet of official notepaper and using the printer in Education, I wrote him a letter. "Dear Mr Bloggs, we are instituting a formal scheme for prisoners who wish to inform on their peers..." It went on to detail the possible rewards, ending with an invitation to approach a named screw, Mr Mac, if he was interested. Signed, the Governor.

Official and internal mail was delivered by screws, who dropped it on our beds while we were out at work. So my dropping this letter, in a brown envelope, onto Bloggs's bed added an extra official patina.

Three days later I was awoken by Mr Mac. Kicking my door open, he stood there with the letter in hand. "Was this your work, you cheeky bastard?". Bugger, I'd forgotten to prime him on my devious scheme!

"Cheers Mr Mac. I take it he did approach you to sign on then..??" We had found our mole.

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