Monday, November 29, 2010

A Black Comedy

So... You take a guy with a smashed leg, dubious balance and a crutch. You then take another guy who is registered Blind. You find a small cell and put them both in it.

As some might say, "You're 'avin a laugh!".

I would call it "prison management, as per normal".


  1. Are there any deaf people in your prison, Ben? How do they get by?

  2. Made me laugh....and think!! Does seem to sort of sum up our system though.

  3. I heard about a kid who was very bright but had zero social skills so they sent him to special school. His area only had one special school: he had to share a room with a kid who was there because he was really thick. He helped his roommate with writing and sums and stuff. His mate helped him understand people.
    The lame guy can see, the blind one can move easily: they could help each other if they want.


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