Friday, November 12, 2010


So I have a stationery fetish...not severe enough for Psychology to take an interest, but I do love pens and paper.

And paper is pretty fundamental in my life. Letters, blog-posts, my research, general musings...without paper, I am nothing.

Finding myself down to my last few sheets, I armed myself with an empty plastic folder and went on the hunt to fill it with shiny, clean, blank A4.

You would think that Education was an obvious port of call...unless you've kept up with the endless story of my travails with that department. I came away with a measly 15 sheets and a lecture on how "we have to buy this, you know!" Urn, yes, for students to use for their education!!

In the end, it was a random member of staff who topped me up out of his photocopier. Thanks, I now have a few weeks worth. And my view of the Education Department remains as it ever was...

Note from Ed: Stationery is on the approved list of items we are allowed to send in to prisoners...


  1. How can I send you some stationery?

  2. Anonymous - stationery can be sent direct from the supplier (or from you personally if you prefer) to: Ben Gunn, B Wing, HMP Shepton Mallet, Cornhill, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5LU. Thanks, Ed.


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