Friday, November 19, 2010

Ignoring My Own Advice

Prisoners, like myself, who are approaching a parole hearing that has the potential to make a great leap towards release can fall unthinkingly into the trap of looking too far ahead.

That is, mentally and emotionally transporting ourselves into that positive future. I always caution against this, because it can be fatal. If the desired result fails to appear, then one's emotional world can collapse inwards, the Elysian Fields being reduced to four bare walls - again.

The trick is, to hope - but not too much. As ever, I'm not taking my own advice. If this Parole Board hearing goes badly, I just don't have a Plan B!

note: Ben had a recommendation for open conditions from the parole panel but still awaits confirmation from the MoJ, who have to "rubber stamp" it before he can actually move.


  1. God this is torture, I didn't realise Ben still had to wait for the okay from the MoJ in order to be moved to an open prison. They would have to have a very good reason to reject the parole boards recommendation and keep him in closed conditions, and I can't think what reason they might have to do that. It has been said and I presume is on his records too that he is not a threat to anyone (life or limb - as the legal terms go ), so he really ought be moved to open as soon as is practical for all concerned.

    Hang on in there Ben, stay strong, keep calm and nurture your inner peace, all the best, thinking of you xxx

  2. I think that if the MoJ refuses this again, the campaign which is already gathering momentum will just keep growing, anyone looking at Ben's case with an unbiased eye can see the failings of our Criminal "Justice" system in all it's horrors. yds

  3. Get yourself a damp council flat in a run down area, sign on every two weeks, wait for weeks for an NHS appointment, you won't know what hits you!


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