Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Future

One of the people involved in my parole hearing has suggested that when I reach Open prison I should stop blogging and focus upon 'resettlement’. He also believes that my blogging at all is "unwise" in terms of progressing through the maze I'm trapped within. As he spent his career in the prison service, his view reflects the official ethos and outlook.

As I perceive it, writing is a powerful route to my being reintegrated into society. Behind the scenes, the blog has led to interesting developments with significant future potential. To stop blogging, then, would be to sever myself from one of the few opportunities that I have to build a future life.

And I'm so looking forward to giving you glimpses into the Through The Looking Glass experience that is open prison... And so, short of illegal interference from the prison service or ministry of justice, I will persist in intruding into your consciousness on a near daily basis!

As for this being unwise... I hope that, no matter what you think of me, the idea that anyone should be hindered on the path to release just because he expresses his opinions is one you find repugnant.


  1. It should go without saying that I find the words of that, well, I don't have the words to describe him, repugnant.

    You have always chosen to do what is right over what will get you released more quickly and I don't expect you to behave any differently now. Your supporters will continue to support you whatever happens.

    What an ignorant, stupid, self-aggrandising, corrupt and arrogant cnut... ahhh, it would seem I found the words after all.

  2. I was told the same thing about litigation and seeking prison reform, strongly advised to leave it until I got out.

    Latest news on Ben's Parole Board hearing here

  3. Hi Ben

    I agree that you should continue to blog - as far I can see you are always careful to post objectively and in a way that sheds light on the prison system from the inside that genuinely enlightens those of us on the outside who have no direct experience of it. Importantly, as far as I can see, you always avoid naming people (staff or offenders) and I have seen nothing here that should of itself slow your progress through the system. As you say, your obvious intelligence, education and the articulate way that you posit your arguments should stand you in good stead for a life outside.

    Good luck with the hearing results.

    Davina x

  4. jailhouselawyer should it not be better to leave Ben to update us on his parole hearing instead of you sticking your nose in it? Ben has a voice and can speak for himself, in fact the info you gave regarding the hearing is different to the one in Ben's blog!! Sending you best wishes Ben. Albert.

  5. I think certain people perceive intelligent prisoners to be a particular threat to them. Someone I know was constantly mocked by officers when they found him reading in his cell, saying he was 'pretending to be clever, had the book upside down' etc. It is difficult for some to face the fact that a prisoner may be more intelligent than they are.

    I look forward to hearing your insights from Open Prison Ben, having no experience of Open at all it will be illuminating. All the best.

  6. I agree with you, it is repugnant. On the other hand, do you want to get to open prison? Sometimes is worth making your enemy think they've won the battle in the short term while you get busy winning the war.

    Personally I'd smile sweetly and comply with all their requests whilst mentally giving them all 'the finger' until I got what I wanted.

    You, however must do whatever sits well with YOU. I hope you're blogging as a free man very soon ;).

  7. I'm deeply shocked by the idea that someone who could be put in a cheaper type of prison might be kept in a more expensive one just because they're theorising on the internet!

    That's my money they're wasting.

  8. "I hope that, no matter what you think of me, the idea that anyone should be hindered on the path to release just because he expresses his opinions is one you find repugnant."

    I do indeed find it repugnant.


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