Thursday, November 25, 2010


God forbid this becomes a "cancer blog" but the response to my dual-news of the parole board answer and cancer has been illuminating.

Lots of people have been congratulating me on my news. Most are referring to the Open prison thing, but I suspect that a couple were happier that I had cancer.

I've suggested starting a cancer sufferers club here, given its prevalence, mockingly called The Immortals. People were even less keen when I insisted on being President on the basis that I will outlive everyone else!

And when I asked the original Cancer Boy how he manages to generate the sympathy, he mocked me for the feeble nature of my cancer. "I've had bigger tumours thrown in the bin..."

Prison humour. It's tough!


  1. Brilliant Ben, so funny, all power to you!

  2. May said:
    Thanks Ben, Life is life, no matter where you live it! Humour helps anon said "all power to you"

  3. Greetings from Portugal, wishing you well as always Ben, Anonymous above was a message from us last night in Portugal, Sophie J and Janet x


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