Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Therapeutic Deception

The infestation of psychologists into prisons which began about 15 years ago has had many unforeseen consequences. One of which is, if a prisoner is a fluent liar then he is more likely to be released than is an honest critic.

The cognitive psychology courses that we are forced through ("it’s voluntary" - you just won't get released if you don't do them) are riddled with psycho-babble jargon. After passing through a few of these courses, some cons become very fluent in both the jargon and in discerning just what it is the psychologists want to hear.
And so they lie. They present themselves as being 'cured' by these psychological treatments, clothing themselves in the fa├žade that the psychologists crafted for them. And they wear it well.

So well that people we know are devious, slippery bastards that we'd never live next to outside persuade staff and the parole board to release them.

And then there are people like me... I don't manipulate and I don't lie. If I did, I wouldn't still be sitting here. When I disagree, it's with good reason and I will defend my position. The price paid for this is many extra years in prison.
How can a criminal justice system become so self-absorbed, so twisted, that it conspires to accept blatant lies which please them whilst hammering the honest critic?


  1. The prison system does seem to be too centred on box ticking and hoop jumping rather than actual effective rehabilitation.

  2. Totally agree with Ben, have experienced this too over a long period of time - it does not pay in prison to be honest and upfront - what a sad justice system we have. Some prisoners do not have the capacity or understanding to say what the authorities want to hear so they remain in prison for lengthy periods. Thinking of you for tomorrow Ben.

  3. Good luck for tomorrow Ben. All my fingers crossed.


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