Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inspector's Report

The Inspectorate of Prisons have now published their report from their inspection of this backwater earlier this year. Obviously, I disagree with large chunks of it. One particular disjunction illustrates the level of brainpower behind their analysis.

The Inspectors assert that there is, essentially, no drug problem in this prison. Not having found a spliff in years, it is with some regret that I can confirm this.

In response to this non-existent problem, they then recommend that a screw be stationed at the dispensary in Healthcare to stop us trading medication.

In an era of huge cuts in resources, it's good to know that the prison service has enough slack to be able to allocate a screw to stop a problem which doesn't exist.


  1. Medical hatch trade has nothing to do with being able to find a spliff, or not. Ben will know this of course.

  2. This isn't related to this post but I was just wondering why it is that the media, and BBC News in particular, seem not to be reporting the reasons for the current riots in Moorland prison outside Sheffield.

    The inference, such as it is, in the articles seems to be that it's because of the sort of people in prisons. But we know that rioting is often the only way in which important issues relating to the treatment of prisoners and their human rights can be raised by those affected and important and necessary changes started - cf. overcrowding in Strangeways, the start of Inside Time etc.

    Apparently ALL the adult prisoners are involved in the riot. Surely this is very unusual and should alert that there are serious issues here that must be addressed.


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