Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Ben has been recommended for open prison by the parole board. Details here:

He has also just been diagnosed with cancer. More information on the Facebook pages.

Blog Ed.


  1. I do not have a facebook account so can only hope the diagnosis is not as bad as it sounds, wishing you a speedy recovery and a happy move.

  2. Satipera, you don't need a Facebook account to read Ben's Facebook page - just click on the icon in the top right of this page.

  3. You can beat this Ben, and look to your future with hope. Many people out here are willing you on.

  4. It says "Ben has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is very small, and they are not going to treat it just yet but wait and see what happens. If anyone is familiar with the term Gleason 6, that is what he has got."

    Good luck Ben, and keep your pecker up.

  5. i've been following your blog for a long time.
    Congratulations on the outcome of the parole hearings! I hope you will continue to blog on the transition to open prison and hopefully, eventually, to a life outside prison.

    And, I hope your health issues will remain stable or improve. It must have been a great shock especially at this point of your life.

  6. I am so happy for you Ben - use the time at an open prison to make the huge re-adjustment that you need.

    Really sorry to hear about the cancer - you have survived worse than that - keep strong.

    Please keep writing your blog too or I will miss you. xx

  7. ((Good Luck Ben)). You'll kick the cancer's arse, right? ;-).

    I hope you keep up your blog as I've really enjoyed it so far.

  8. Glad to hear the good news, your on your way out, let's hope. Sorry to hear about the bad news, sadly you won't get much nutritious food in jail, but Bitter apricot kernals, and the raw food diet will sort cancer out.


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