Thursday, November 18, 2010

Note from the Ed:

Recommendation for open prison by the parole board is only the first step. Ben still awaits approval from the Minster of Justice, who will also decide how long he has to stay there before applying for release. Come on, Ken…….


  1. I would hope that with the amount of time already served,simply because he has the moral courage to speak out and challenge an injust sytem, should ensure this is all done as quickly as is humanly possible. Yes!! Come on Ken...we are all watching!!
    And to you Ben, keep strong, keep blogging!!

  2. Neither the Parole Board nor Ken Clarke are going to say anything more until Ben demonstrates that he can be trusted in open conditions. I'm sure he will, but as far as I know, that's how it works.

  3. @Jim Brown

    How is he to demonstrate that?

    Opportunities for him to demonstrate anything at all seem quite thin on the ground...

    Was he not removed from open prison once before for particularly spurious reasons?

  4. @ Adam. Yes. because of his refusal to be broken by a system that has failed him all his life........
    How many of us would just put their heads down and ignore the appalling abuse of power that goes on inside out prisons? Ben speaks out, and pays the price for being articulate and intelligent.


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