Sunday, March 25, 2012


So the parliamentary e-petition for capital punishment hasn't reached the threshold of 100,000 signatures.  Hmm. Perhaps my despair of the masses has been misplaced.



    Petition to retain the ban got 7000 more votes. Definitely some faith in humanity restored.

  2. The supposed public support for capital punishment has been vastly overblown. The apparent pro-hanging nature of the British public tends to be claimed whenever there has been a high profile crime. The tabloids then usually have a 'vote' - do you believe in hanging or not? Hardly representative.

    The Telegraph did the most recent in-depth and more nuanced survey (in 2006) which, in fact, showed that less than half the British public would favour a return to capital punishment - and the younger the responder, the more anti capital punishment they were. Support for the death penalty has been declining for years. Given the Telegraph is hardly a vehicle for hand wringing liberals, I'd say its findings are likely to be spot on. Moreover, I believe if anything, support for capital punishment has likely dropped further since 2006.

  3. It is amazing! So, more people are against capital punishment, than once thought? But, where it comes to "death by hanging", more take their own lives by this method, than ever were hung by law, per year! So, this hanging idea, never went away because it is a personal thing, and always was! Leaders of all kinds, can find the noose around their necks also, for many reasons? =D


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