Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Double - 0 Two and Three-Quarters

I am officially licensed! Not, in a Bondish way, to do bad things on behalf of the State, but to roam the wild streets of Derby. On certain days. And with certain conditions. The License also gives birth to a new word - "ROTL" - previously only known to Mongolian throat-singer. ROTL is Release On Temporary Licence.
The Licence itself is a wholly unimpressive piece of paper that hardly signifies the momentous change in circumstances which it decrees. A piece of photocopied A5 paper, headed by a very dodgy old fashioned mugshot that captures me holding, as per Hollywood convention, a chalkboard with my name and number scrawled upon it.
And beneath, the legalese, incorporating the Conditions under which I am periodically let loose. The cynical may assume that these include handcuffs or a Hannibal Lecter mask and on these I must disappoint.
"Terms and Conditions”
1.    Temporary release under Rule 9 is at the discretion of the prison and not an entitlement. You may be recalled to prison at any time whether or not you have broken any of these terms and conditions of temporary release.
2.    If you remain at large after the time stated above or after an order recalling you has been made you will be liable to arrest.
3. You must have this form with you throughout your temporary release and must produce it if requested to do so by a police officer or a probation officer.
4.  You must not contact the media or any person or place associated with broadcasting or publication, without the governors permission.
5. You must not enter into any financial transaction beyond those necessary for your resettlement needs - Gambling is not permitted nor is making payments for any games of chance.
6.   You must be on good behaviour.

7. You must not enter any public houses, betting shops or other social venues which are not necessary to or desirable for the purpose for which the release has been granted.
8.  You must take all possible precautions against the loss of any bus or railway tickets which you have been given for use during the course of your release on temporary release.

9.  You must not consume alcohol.

10.    You must not administer to yourself a controlled drug or fail to prevent the administration of a controlled drug to yourself by another person.
11.    You must not take any medication unless authorised by the Health Care Centre.
12.    You must not leave the country.
13.    You are allowed to drive a motorised vehicle whilst on temporary release, if clearance has been authorised.
14.    If you think that you will not get back to the prison in the time allocated for your return, you must inform the prison by telephone.
Special Conditions:
1.   You must not undertake work or any other organised activity with any person under the age of 18 years on a paid or unpaid basis.
2.   You must notify your offender manager of any developing relationships.
3.   You must take your ROTLs within the area specified.
4.   Do not take any medication that is not prescribed by HMP Sudbury doctor/staff other than paracetamol/linctus/Gaviscon. Other medication required must be evidenced by medication
name/doctors name/contact signature.
5.   You are not permitted to log on to or participate with any social networking web site i.e. Facebook, Chatlines, etc on the internet.
Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this licence is a disciplinary offence."

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  1. What exactly is meant by a "developing relationship"? How does one define this? One of my clients has just been recalled for failing to notify of a friendship with a woman and I cannot find any authority on the point?


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