Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Magazine

Just to illustrate the sensitivities of being magazine editor, I've been told to remove 2 questions from the quiz page.  How old was Jesus when he died? And what nationality was Osama Bin Laden?

I swear it would easier to chair the Ethics Sub-Comittee in the KGB.


  1. Ok then, just how old was Jesus? (and how do you know) I think he was 33 or 35 at time of death. However I am not sure about the change from BC to AD did we (they) have a year zero? Anyway I thought there was a suspected five year error in the calculation? Note I am keeping to the mortal side without bringing in the 'resurection' (don't this it made a differenc to age) or the 'second comming' or the 'Jesus Lives' issues.

  2. I thought 33 but then biblical analysis isn't my strong point... And feel free not to miss my point - in what weird mind is that question possibly offensive?! So far I have produced four versions of the mag and each was sent back for alteration. In a fit of stubbornness I include a slightly racy pic of Billie Piper in a small dress with daft captions. The latest is to illustrate a piece on the nick's anti-smoking drive that has the caption, "Billie says, if you don't smoke then you end up with a great set of lungs..."

  3. I may not know how old Jesus is, - but I DO know, they'll have trouble finding anything offensive about Billie Pipers lungs!

  4. Easy one: the governor is offended by questions to which they do not know the answer.


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