Monday, March 5, 2012

Golden Boy

This is now getting seriously weird. You must have met people who seem to always land on their feet in life? Who, no matter what the circumstances, come up smelling of the proverbial roses? Over the years I have seen Lifers who have this inbuilt good fortune, who slip through their sentence like a greased eel and who Fate steers away from difficulty.
Well, I have never been one of those people. Quite the opposite. Given any set of circumstances, I could pretty much guarantee to come out the other end feeling slightly worse for wear. Until now. Everything is just going too well.
And that in itself is unsettling. Now and then I peer out of my window up into the sky, looking for the meteorite that periodically lands to cause havoc on my life, but all I see is clear blue. It feels as if I am living someone else's life, because mine was never this simple. But if this is what life is like for those who always land on their feet, I can see why they were so bloody cheerful.
I try to persuade myself that it won't last, that some crap will inevitably roll down the hill in my direction but I'm not as convinced as I once was. If this carries on, I may not only leave prison but do so slightly less jaded than I expected.


  1. You know I cannot understand people who look for the next bad thing to happen, I come across many people like this, its crazy! Life is for living, not for cowering. The seeds you sow you reap. Look up to the stars and the heavens, not down below, at the ground.

    I am not a person who has it good, never have been, I have my share of trouble, just like everyone, but when things are okay, I certainly don't wait around for the bad things to come. That just sounds like learned behaviour. To make life a little easier and more light hearted, it might be a wise thing to unlearn it.

    There are people around who can help, there are phone lines such as the samaritans as well as good and wise people who have some experience and would be more than happy to help a fellow traveller with these sorts of negative thinking patterns.

  2. If you look for crap, you will probably find it. If you look for possibilities, you might find them instead.

    I read an interesting piece of research a few years back looking at people who classed themselves as either lucky, or unlucky. One activity was the scanning of a newspaper in which a false advert had been placed promising the reader five thousand pounds. The general trend was that those who thought themselves lucky in life spotted this when questioned afterwards, and those who though themselves unlucky didn't.


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