Friday, March 2, 2012

What I Won't Tell You

I am about to begin working outside the prison. This is unpaid work, often taking place in the charity sector. And this raises a dilemma for me.
While I would dearly love to continue to share the broad strokes of my strange life with you, when I am working outside I will have a responsibility to those I work with and for. Is that fair? And so I won't be revealing exactly when I am out and about, nor where I am working.
This is to realise that there is always a constituency which will be willing to put the boot in. I don't want to give a bored hack an easy chance at a cheap shot at either myself or my employers and so a discrete veil will obscure some details of my activities at times. Though I think it's safe to assume that my employment won't involve working with "vulnerable groups", explosives, or as an astronaut.
As ever, though, I will talk about these things and what they mean, and with luck you won't even notice what I leave out. It's not as if any of you noticed that it was I, not the Editor, who posted a few comments last weekend...


  1. Gwaan man spit it out! I get the impression there is something on your mind that you want to say but are holding back. Its your prerogative though of course.

    A while back a few friends and I had a motto that went something like this: "say what you mean and mean what you say". It became our little group's ground rules!

    Not sure how that fits in with your post Ben, I just felt like sharing it :D

    Yes, we noticed it was you commenting the other week, such style you have. I didn't mention it as I didn't want to draw attention to it (and, I wouldn't want to cross swords with you on the comments thread particularly).

    You know I really like your blog, and I want to hear about everything, everything you get up to :D

    Seriously Ben, take it easy and don't work too hard, okay?

  2. Ben,

    You have to protect your own long-term interests, and so you have taken the right position in my view. You do not - especially at this stage - want to give that ethical underclass known as 'the British journalist' an open goal to create fake outrage so that they can then claim something like "We put notorious kid-killer back behind bars!".

    We, as readers, do not have the right to know about everything you do. In fact, we probably don't have the right to know about *anything*; *you* choose what to tell us and, as I said, you must protect yourself above everything else.

  3. The "mind" has it's Rights! If you have a "Divine Soul", that has Rights too, but none related to this shambles! Your thoughts have always been important! That might be the clue, as to why they have kept you away from us for so long. You are more aware now, of the meaning of life, simply because of your life as it has been! If no event had happened, you would of been perhaps just another 'Joe Blogs'? Perhaps, out of all of those people that have been part of your life since your day zero, you might be the only one, who is more able to see through the damn lies, than any of the others?

    So, who know's Ben? These things, are not for society to judge, as it is non-Divine, even somewhat evil, with it's total corruption with secret societies! Democracy, only exists in the Divine. None here, know the real meaning of the word, or thought of it!

    Judges, lawyers, bankers, and politicians, all of these, have no Rights beyond this shambles, so have nothing to fear in "Your Eternity". Only judge yourself, not others. Then, at least, you'll be sane! Don't worry about 'Joe Blogs', as he is a lost cause.

  4. It was noticed; it was good to see :)


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