Thursday, March 1, 2012


The most depressing interview ever has just ended. It was intended to steer me to greener pastures on release, to find some path through the tangled thicket of working life to find me some sort of berth in the employment market.
I came away with a recommendation that it may be best if, on release, I align my expectations with undertaking unpaid charity work.
Something to look forward to, then...


  1. Great (not!). Your latest post here got me thinking about the 'careers' advice we had at school, my sister impressed them by showing an interest in joining the armed forces, and I along with most of my friends were told to we should work in a bank. They have not a clue, really, they just go along with the current climate. Unpaid work is unfair, although it might suit some people, but why, with all the profits some companies like Tesco's make for example, can't they, or won't they pay a living wage? ... All this unpaid labour is just a trend backed by and encouraged by this swine of a government. They say its a something for nothing society, yet those in charge are the ones making us work for nothing, I can't see them doing likewise.

    1. Well, Ben! I thought that you had been doing unpaid work already?
      That was what you were doing, when trying to get Prisoners Rights, wasn't it?
      The reason that there are no jobs out there, is because the same moron bankers, and multinationals, moved all useful work to the Far East, so that they could secure slave labour, in turn, making more profit for themselves, not us. It was our Nation's Heritage that they destroyed! Now, that sounds like "High Treason", to me! So how do we punish them? By letting them steal money (they call it a "Bonus"), they are taking all of our money, and the damn "Piss", too!

  2. Hah! The well meaning advice of those who have only ever experienced failure in their own lives. I've lost count of the number of times people have tried to limit my expectations for my own good, they haven't succeeded yet and I don't expect them to succeed with you.

  3. My advice is to get into IT and Web design on release. Most of the tools are available for free on t'internet and there's plenty of free online courses and tutorials. Plenty of opportunity for self employment so you don't have continually reveal your conviction and you're not going to be working with vulnerable unless you're doing school's IT and the like.The money's good too. Maybe consider doing a one year MSc computer conversion course as you have the qualifications and you'd probably get the funding.

    Don't expect probation to help at all as they are geared towards the lower end of the educational spectrum.


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