Monday, March 5, 2012

Not Golden, but Brass

It was all too good to be true, wasn't it? I was meant to be at home as I write this, my first taste of that in nearly 32 years. Plans had been made and the prospect of it filled my mind like nothing else.
Only to be told that it wasn't going to happen, that "there was no Licence or Diary Entry". Well, I put in my bit of paperwork. My probation officer had done hers. That leaves only the nick as a potential source of incompetence.
I should try to temper my anger and disappointment. After all, this is prison and shit happens. The nick manages to get about 200 men out each day, a huge logistical and bureaucratic feat. That an odd error occurs is not to be unexpected.
But the truth is, I am absolutely livid. Never again do I want to have to phone the Editor at home and leave her so upset.
Editor's note:  Just in case anyone is confused, Ben was meant to have 4 days home leave starting today but it got messed up so he had to settle for a day out yesterday instead!


  1. So sorry to hear about this. Absolutely unbelievable

  2. Sorry to hear about this terrible disappointment to you both. As you say though things rarely run smoothly. I know it must be very hard for you, and I can understand that you are both upset and angry, but try and hold it down, look at the bigger picture if that is possible. I don't know what else to say, it is a tricky one. Just take it easy and keep cool.

  3. Sophie is right - keep calm - your turn will come. So sorry for you - you must be so disappointed - but it WILL change as long as you do not do anything stupid - so hang in there.

  4. It must be an enormous disappointment now, but in a few months it'll be as nothing. You're within touching distance. Eyes on the prize.

  5. It's perfectly possible that they have cocked this up on purpose to see how you will react, maybe hoping that you'll provide them with an excuse to either deny your release or even shove you back into closed conditions.

    Take it serenely lad, and enjoy their disappointment.

  6. That thought had occurred to me too, especially when Probation insist they sent the paperwork and the prison is equally insistent that they never received it! But Ben is taking the disappointment a lot better than I am. He is used to this sort of thing - he's had a lifetime of it. Ed.

  7. They are testing you, so no freaky bits please! Just remember, this place is not run by Democracy, but secret societies, as all judges and bankers are. I do hope that their wicked plan, was not to release you anyway? If that was the case, this world needs terminating right now! Where did I put that damn switch-box? It's here somewhere?
    Seriously, if you keep your nose clean from now on, they would have to invent an evil story, to prevent you from even getting time release for your home!
    Just take a look at how the ministry of justice, along with dippo prime minister, all think, to realize you are really lucky to have got where you are now, never mind about getting out of the damn gate?
    Just play the waiting game, don't fall into any of their traps! They will create, not just one, but many. That is how they hope to destroy the Health Service. They are willing to destroy that, so you as a little fry, must not even pass wind in the wrong corridor.
    Keep on keeping on, Ben, look after that boi within! I will be watching their actions closely.


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