Saturday, March 31, 2012


The passage of time is intimately woven into the "prison experience". In a fundamental sense, the passage of time is part of the essence of imprisonment.
This was highlighted for me when I returned from home leave. Although only a few days have passed, it feels like weeks. Time has slowed down. And in this prison time appeared to pass particularly quickly.
But time, and its passing, is a matter of personal perception and external reality can become almost irrelevant. All I know now is that I want to go home - now!


  1. You sound like you're cracking up Ben. Hope you feel better soon. And I hope I'm wrong about that.

  2. Ben has tasted freedom - and likes the flavour!

  3. I think this is possibly the best sign that Ben is going to rehabilitate well. Having this desire for freedom over anything that might put him back in prison.

  4. As a Gnostic, I can tell you that "Time" is of this place only! It has no relevance to the Divine at all! If you are in prison, or not. You are correct, when you say "time" is different on the inside of prison. They could put something in the water, to make you feel any feeling at all. You would not catch them doing it, as the Guards would know little, or nothing about that.
    Outside of prison, at least you get to drink what you want, even if it really is just a different flavour of poison, as it might taste better =D
    I think that is great news, that now you have tasted the outside world, and you now want to join it! As you were not really part of it before, I think that you deserve the chance to really discover your true Soul!

  5. prison today is a joke ,when i went to prison it was get two years do20 months ,not like today ,go prison get an x box ,tv, jobs ,home leave every six weeks,pets ,what a joke ...


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