Friday, March 2, 2012

The Beast Within

I have often wondered about the nature of blogging at one step removed. This is, I now realise, a luxury that exists solely because of your patience. The result has been to allow me time to reflect, both as I write and as I read your comments as they arrive from the Editor. It has given the blog an opportunity to grow without the bitter heat that could arise from a more immediate blogging experience.
Last weekend, as I sat with the Editor and read some comments, laptop at hand, I found myself having a deeper appreciation of blogging and why some commenters - on so many blogs - wrote in such an intemperate way. This dawned on me as I read an asinine comment - and my urge was to post a response that wasn’t far removed from "and screw you, jerk!" I settled for a touch of pomposity and sarcasm, adding a smiley face to take the edge off.
That was the immediacy that I have been denied since the inception of the blog, and I now ponder upon how (sporadic) legitimate access to the ‘net will change both what and how I write, and whether I will descend into the animalistic abuse that passes tor commenting at times? Or whether I will retain my distance, reflecting upon what is said before responding?

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  1. I expect things will change, including your blog, as there is one thing that is certain in life which is that everything always changes.

    It's good to know and take a long hard look at yourself, your own strengths and weakeness. If you have animalistic tendencies (like so many of us, if not all of us, do), then don't be in denial, but accept it, keep it in check where possible and let it rip where appropriate (yes there are times where its appropriate).

    There are moves now on the net to censor exempletives. For example, I was on a live stream the other day where the situation and conversations were very heated, and everytime I wrote an exempletive it got replaced with stars! How did they do that I wonder. It took me back, but the stars did still manage to get the message across somehow!

    Blogs do seem to go through phases, and, as with life in general; you just have to be prepared for them. Good luck Ben, and good luck to all your readers too


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