Thursday, November 11, 2010

Parole Hearing

I spoke to Ben’s lawyer, who is very uncertain about the parole hearing. They put Ben through the wringer, and it’s hard to tell how they were thinking. Everybody who submitted a report or gave evidence, including all prison reports, said that Ben did not pose a risk of future violent offending. Now we have to wait up to 2 wks for their official answer!




    Well well, the above is a link to a Johnny Cash song I thought Ben might appreciate. (Hope the link actually works). Its called 'There ain't no grave (gonna keep my body down)'.

    It honestly feels like collective punishment now, punishment primarily for Ben, but also for all those involved in the campaign who were and still are rooting for him and care about him.

    It is a very frustrating outcome and of course it must be hell for Ben, but in a way getting a glimpse of the extreme unpleasantness of the prison system has opened my eyes, and I am always glad for that, I am glad because being as close as you can be to the truth in life matters.

    I hope that our messages of support for Ben will get through to him quickly and that he won't feel so alone with it all.

    We are here and we too share this your burden.

  2. Good luck, Ben, hoping for the best!

    I’m ignorant on these matters, but learning more from your blog (and John’s too.)

  3. Oh dear, why must they make you wait two weeks for a decision? It's just cruel after all this time. Let's try and take heart though from the positive evidence and reports submitted. Along with Sophie I hope that all our messages will reach you soon and give you encouragement Ben.


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